For the past twenty years, Solanna Design LLC has been assisting homeowners with the task of making their house a home. Anna Shay, as a professional member of ASID, personally designs and specifies within any aspect of interior design that a client may need. No project is too big or too small. The right fit is with a client that demands quality, fresh creativity, and attention to detail on their project. 

The role of the Designer on a project varies depending on the specific needs of that project. Clearly developing a strong and unique concept is a particular strength of Solanna Design. It is an important starting point for any project regardless of size. With a clear design concept, selections of colors, furnishing and finishes, lighting plans, kitchen and bath designs all have a supporting role in materializing the concept set forth at the onset of the project. 

Solanna Design is a team player. We can bring to a project a team of seasoned professionals to implement a design of lasting quality. However, some projects have a team of professional craftsmen and artisans already on board. We see it as our job to provide them with clear, professional communication in a timely manner to get the project's design implemented. A hands-on approach to quality control dictates that we are on the jobsite regularly; therefore, we carefully limit the number of jobs that we take on at any one time. 

Whether building from the ground up or simply staging an existing home for sale, we partner with the homeowner to create a beautiful finished project.   

I strongly encourage clients to explore their individual style. My job is to interpret in the medium of interior design. Creating a fine interior is an art that requires a strong grasp of light, form, rhythm and composition. It honors the past and embraces the future. It must be engaging and inspiring ~ simply. - Anna Shay, ASID, CID